Johnny Quick. Johnny Chambers, “ace cameraman for Sees-All Tells-All News,” is taught a mathematical formula, "3X2(9YZ)4A," by Professor Gill, his legal guardian. When uttered the formula bestows super-speed. Chambers uses this power to fight crime as the heroic Johnny Quick. He is assisted by his portly sidekick and stereotype Tubby Watts. His super-speed also allows him to fly. His Rogues Gallery includes the armored robot Black Knight, Mr. Douglas (the Wizard of Weapons), the crime scientist Dr. Clever (who owns a lamp which grants super-speed), the Maestro of Murder, Mason the Weapons Master, the gimmick-wielding Mr. Zero, and the Human Bird, who impersonates Johnny Quick. Quick appears in stories with titles like “The Man of a Million Murders,” “Mr. Meek Makes Haste,” and “The Curious Cargo of the Bonnie Bess.”

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #71 (DC), Sept 1941. 100+ appearances, 1941-1949+. Created by Mort Weisinger and Chad Grothkopf.





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