Jinx. Darrel Creig, young heir to a steel fortune, has his life saved by 13 when Creig’s crooked uncle tries to kill him. Creig is inspired to join 13 in his fight against crime. Jinx is very good at martial arts (judo, possibly). Among 13 and Jinx’s opponents are Professor Venom, the Nazi mesmerist, and King Questionmark, “the hunchback who had a grudge and turned it into a vicious campaign of death.” Jinx appears in stories with titles like “Crippled Vengeance,” “The Curious Riddle of Dr. Litz,” and “The Death Clock Strikes.”

First Appearance: Daredevil Comics #5 (Lev Gleason), Sept 1941. 13 appearances, 1941-1943. Created by Dick Wood and Bernard Klein.










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