Hatfield, Jim. Jim Hatfield, the “Lone Wolf,” is one of the toughest Texas Rangers on record. He is repeatedly beaten, shot, and burned, but always survives to catch his man or woman. Hatfield reports to Captain “Roaring Bill” McDowell of the Rangers in Austin but is active around the American Southwest. Hatfield, a “long-legged Ranger galoot,” is assisted by his very capable and clever horse Goldy, who saves Hatfield’s life on numerous occasions. Hatfield’s enemies are standard cowboy villains: owlhoots, shootists, crooked railroad companies, slavers working Mexican peons to death at a cinnabar mine, etc.

First Appearance: Exciting Comics #1 (Standard), Apr 1940. 18 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by ? Note: This is the comic book version of A. Leslie Scott’s pulp cowboy hero of the same name. Both characters were published by the same company.









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