Dix, Jeff. Jeff Dix is better known as "Corporal Dix" or "Sergeant Dix," depending on the issue. He is "the tough guy of Uncle Sam's army," a two-fisted patriot who fights for good on the homefront, whether at his parents' house, on the Army base, or while on leave in the big city. He never seems to make it to the frontlines, although he does get transferred to the Panama Canal in one story, where he and his (stereotypical) African-American best friend Fish-Face Friday fight off an attack by Japanese bombers. In most stories he is given a special assignment to root out Fifth Columnists, which causes him to go undercover in wood pulp factories and other places to discover the evil German menace.

First Appearance: USA Comics  #4 (Marvel), May 1942. 5 appearances, 1942-1944. Created by ?







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