Johnson, Jap-Buster. Lieutenant Doug Johnson, a native Bostonian, is serving as a U.S. Naval Air Force officer on a U.S. aircraft carrier "steaming off the Hawaiian Islands" when his carrier is strafed by a Japanese Zero fighter. His best friend Dave Nichols is killed during the attack, and in retaliation he hops in his plane and goes on to wipe out a wing of Zeroes. Not content with that, he hops in a Zero in a Japanese uniform, goes to a secret Japanese island base somewhere in the Pacific, infiltrates it and calls in an air raid to destroy it. And that's just his first appearance–the rest are equally violent. He appears in stories with titles like “The Phony Tokyo,” “Ghost Pilot,” and “The Vanishing Island.”

First Appearance: USA Comics #6 (Marvel), Dec 1942. 18 appearances, 1942-1946. Created by Dennis Neville and ?





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