Jack Frost. “The far north! Challenging! Mysterious! Foreboding! The land that no man really knows...in this great frozen waste, surrounded by an eternal, deathly quiet, lives a person we have all heard of, but few men have seen–the King of the Cold–Jack Frost!!” A native of the Arctic, Frost’s centuries-long isolation is disturbed by a prospector dying of a gunshot wound. Outraged at the crime and by others he has heard of, Frost travels to New York City to avenge the prospector's death. He does so, saving the prospector's daughter in the process but making himself an outlaw. Despite this he goes on to fight crime and evil. He can generate cold and project icicles. Jack Frost appears in stories with titles like “The Mechanical Octopus Pirates,” “The Ambulance Racketeers,” and “The Adventure of the Frozen Corpses.”

First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (Marvel), Aug 1941. 5 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Stan Lee and Charles Nicholas.




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