Iron Skull. In his first appearance the Iron Skull is a crime-fighting android (no origin given) who is super strong, has amazing abilities of disguise, and has a ring which leaves an imprint in the foreheads of the criminals he punches. He fights McMann, a Mad Scientist who uses a variety of robots to carry out a crime wave. But in his third appearance the Iron Skull is given an origin: “In the year 1950 during the Second World War, this time in the United States, a soldier battered and smashed beyond recognition was brought into the base hospital in Chicago where under the capable hands of Dr. Watson, - steel and iron plates replaced flesh and bone - the soldier now looked like a living image of a skeleton. We never learned who or what he was, - but 10 years later, a strange being arose during the period of reconstruction and became known as the enemy of crime! - The underworld call him - ‘The Iron Skull’!” He fights scientists who create insane giant Amazons, the magnetism-wielding Dr. Magno, white slavers, and foreign saboteurs, and in 1971, when another world war broke out, kidnapers focusing on scientists.

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #5 (Centaur), Sept 1939. 20 appearances, 1939-1941. Created by Carl Burgos.





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