Iron Ace. Centuries ago a legendary warrior called "Iron Ace" fought by Charlemagne's side for France. When Iron Ace died Charlemagne predicted that the Iron Ace would return, as "the champion of freedom." During World War Two Captain Ronald Britain, a British pilot, is shot down over France and forced to hide in the castle of Dr. LaFarge. LaFarge is the leader of a resistance group, but the Germans shoot him after they track Britain to his castle. Captain Britain puts on the old armor (still in perfect shape) of the Iron Ace and kills the Germans in the castle with the Ace's sword. He then makes himself a plane and, still wearing the Ace's plate armor, takes to the skies and kills heaps of Germans, their top pilots, their robot bombers, and name villains like the Viking, the Firebug, and Landro the Magician. The Ace has no superpowers, but like his plane is so heavily armored that he's bulletproof. The Iron Ace appears in stories with titles like “The Atom-Smasher,” “Uncle Samurai,” and “The Tiger Cult.”

First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics #2 (Hillman), Nov 1942. 34 appearances, 1942-1947. Created by Fred Kida and ?





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