Invisible Hood. Initially Kent Thurston fights crime as the “Invisible Hood,” so-called because nobody knows who he is. But when a professor who has been working on “a new phosphorescent chemical which causes invisibility” is kidnaped, Thurston rescues him and has his robe and hood covered with the chemical, thus turning him truly invisible when he wears them. He uses this new ability to fight crime. He also has a sleeping gas gun. He fights enemies like the evil shaman Dr. Moku, the Green Lizard (who has a giant pet crocodile), the Voodoo Master, and Dr. Robb, who has Tutankhamen’s jewel, which projects anti-gravity. The Invisible Hood appears in stories with titles like “The Pirate Submarine,” “The Helium Hijackers,” and “The Golden Dragon.”

First Appearance: Smash Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1939. 32 appearances, 1939-1942. Created by Art Pinajian. Note: At various times Thurston is called “Hooded Justice” and “Invisible Justice,” but most often “Invisible Hood.”








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