Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is, in the words of its founder, "a group of five men. Three former Army men, an engineeer, and a scientist-explorer. We also have some young men with us....we have unlimited you know, there are a lot of wrongs being done in this old world, and we straighten them out--if possible. All this is international.” Their members, including new recruit, American Major Ramsay, is the Irish Ian Ahern, the French soldier Lt. Dupre, the Canadian engineer John Bain, and Rolfe Gunderson, the Norwegian explorer-scientist. They stop a series of bombings in China done to exploit the fishing market, they wipe out the Blue Hand, they stop the "terroristic criminal society started in Itoria. Society officially known as Mafio,” and they stop a group of Italians attempting to seize a giant oil field, among others. The Inner Circle, whose symbol is a circle within a circle, deal with their enemies by any means necessary, which usually means lethally.

First Appearance: Amazing Mystery Funnies v2n7 (Centaur), July 1939. 12 appearances, 1939-1940. Created by Lochlan Field and ?


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