Jones, Injun. In 1850, on the western frontier, "outlaws dry-gulched a wagon-train...wiped 'em out to a man! All except one," ten-year-old Bob Jones, the son of the train’s leader. Young Bob is found by Apaches and brought up as one of them, but when he sees a white woman about to be tortured by his tribe he rebels and is forced to flee into town with her. Injun Jones hates his white skin and hates white men, but hates injustice more, and ends up fighting evil as a “white Indian.” He is loved and in love with schoolmarm Vicki, and rides the unusually intelligent horse Eagle. In post-1949 issues he teams up with the costumed vigilante the Hooded Horseman. Injun Jones appears in stories with titles like "Red Cloud on the Prod" and "The Battle of Pinit Canyon."

First Appearance: Blazing West #1 (American Comics Group), Fall 1948. 16 appearances, 1948-1953. Created by Richard Hughes and Ed Moritz.






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