Inferno. Inferno is a fire-breather at a circus. Unfortunately, he's also mixed up in some illegal doings. Fortunately, Steel Sterling comes to town and sets Inferno straight. Inferno then goes on to fight crime, first as a circus worker, moving from town to town, and then later as a private eye. He has the super-power of breathing fire from his mouth; he can burn his way through steel doors and walls and can melt bullets before they reach him. Inferno fights ordinary humans, a mummy, the Human Fly, the Rattler, and the femme fatale Dark Lady. Inferno appears in stories with titles like “A Flame for Justice,” “The Prison Break Racket,” and “The Stolen Train.”

First Appearance: Zip Comics #10 (Archie), Jan 1941. 11 appearances, 1941. Created by Charles Biro.








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