Impossible Man. Hugh Mann is a loser, a self-described “drip.” He’s got “no nothin’!” But I’ve got brains...if not brawn! I’ll build a rocket ship capable of transporting me to Mars!” Which he does, only to have the steering wheel come off in mid-flight. After months of uncontrolled flight, he comes to rest on the “lost planet of Brutus!” Brutus is inhabited by superhumans, and only superhumans. Initially they arrest him, but Brutus uses his smarts to outwit a super-robber, and the superhumans of Brutus gladly adopt him as the Impossible Man. Further exploits follow, like inventing electricity and outwitting the superhuman Electro. Impossible Man has no superpowers, but is clever, and clever takes him a long way.

First Appearance: Red Band Comics #3 (Rural Home), Apr 1945. 3 appearances, 1945-1946. Created by ?








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