Ibis the Invincible. In 12th Dynasty Egypt, four thousand years ago, Prince Amentep is imprisoned by his rival, the evil magician the Black Pharaoh. Amentep, or "Ibis" as he is known, is not as powerful a magician as the Black Pharaoh is. But while Ibis is imprisoned a relative gives him the "Ibistick," a magic wand with which the user can control or create any object. Ibis uses this Ibistick to escape from jail and then kill the Black Pharaoh. Unfortunately Ibis' beloved fiancee, Princess Taia of Thebes, is wounded during the final fight. She is put under a spell so that she will not die but will sleep for 40 centuries. To be with her Ibis puts himself in a trance as well. He awakens in 1940, covered in mummy clothes and residing in an American museum. He goes to Europe, awakens Princess Taia, and then goes on to fight crime and evil in the modern  era. Ibis is a magician, but most of his powers come from the Ibistick, which can initially do almost anything but later becomes powerless against black magic and cannot affect Ibis, its true owner. (This is a good thing, because Ibis is constantly losing the Ibistick and having others try to use it against him). Ibis briefly takes on an apprentice, Banshee O’Brien. Ibis fights ordinary criminals, an animated and living Sphinx, the Yellow Peril Trug, a spider made man-sized and man-smart by the Ibistick, the super-intelligent maimed madman Half-Man, the Dark Spirit (a forgotten god of wickedness), Ruthven the Warlock, and Satan Himself. Ibis appears in stories with titles like “The Wrath of Piang,” “Deal with the ‘Devil,’” and “Ibis in the Realm of the Dead.”

First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (Fawcett), Feb 1940. 100+ appearances, 1940-1949+. Created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck.


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