Hydroman. Bob Blake, a scientist, develops a formula of alcohol, water, and sulphuric acid that spills on his arm during a lab accident. This transforms his arm into water, and a further accident transforms his entire body into water. But a friend applies a "counteractive chemical" that restores Blake to human form. Blake then injects the formula into himself and through strength of will masters the ability to transform into water at his command. He uses his new power to fight crime. Hydroman has the ability to transform into water and to make his body into variosu shapes. He is later partnered with Rainbow Boy. Hydroman defeats spies, an alien invasion led by the Great One, Yellow Perils, fifth columnists, the Phantom, the Alchemist, and the Native American murderer Black Bird. Hydroman appears in stories with titles like "The Red Scorpion!" and "Spider Woman's Giant Webb."

First Appearance: Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #1 (Eastern Color), Aug 1940. 32 appearances, 1940-1945. Created by Bill Everett.






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