Hunchback. “Allan Lanier, pampered, wealthy playboy, has a secret hobby that gradually becomes his ruling passion, the fighting of crime. Seeing the picture, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, made such a deep impression on him that he has been living in the spirit of htis character for years. At the first sign of crime, he changes into this personality and becomes the very nemesis of crime. The mere mention of his name sends the denizens of the underworld into spasms of fear and trepidation. Hunchback...Hunchback...The underworld trembles!” Lanier hates crime enough that he decides to put on a horrifying costume, one scary enough to strike "sheer horror into the hearts of bad men:" he makes himself up to look like hunchback. He is a killer vigilante, although he has no superpowers. He appears in stories with titles like “Scaletti’s Saboteurs” and “Spinto’s Submarine Gangsters.”

First Appearance: Wow Comics #2 (Fawcett), Summer 1941. 6 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by ?

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