Human Bomb. Roy Lincoln, a chemist, is helping his father develop X-24, a super-explosive, when enemy agents attack the laboratory to steal the formula. Roy's father is shot dead and Roy is forced to swallow the super-explosive liquid to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Rather than being blown up, however, he begins to glow, and finds that not only to bullets bounce off of him but that when he punches or just touches something it blows up. He makes a suit of "fibro-wax" which is immune to his explosion power and wears that as he fights crime. He is assisted by Hustace Throckmorton and later by the Bombardiers. He fights ordinary criminals, Nazis, the invisible Mr. Chameleon, the pied piper of destruction Herman Stingmayer, and Yarboe, who has the Human Bomb’s explosive ability. The Human Bomb appears in stories with titles like "The Purple Mist," "The Black Vanguards," and "The Living Dead of Skull Valley."

First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (Quality), Aug 1941. 58 appearances, 1941-1946. Created by Paul Gustavson.




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