Hourman. “Rex Tyler, a young chemist, discovers Miraclo, a powerful chemical that transforms him from a meek, mild scientist to the underworld’s most formidable foe...with Miraculo he has for one hour the power of chained lightning–speed almost as swift as thought...but unless he performs his deeds of strength and daring within one hour the effects of Miraclo wear off and the Hour Man becomes his former meek self.” Tyler is partnered by Jimmy Martin and later the Minute-Men, a group of costumed youths who also take Miraclo. Tyler is a member of the Justice Society of America. Under the influence of Miraclo he has super-strength, super-speed, can perform Hulk leaps, and invulnerability. Hourman fights a variety of Doctors: the robot-wielding Dr. Darrk, the hypnotist Dr. Feher, the big-headed genius Dr. Glisten; the occultist and alchemist Dr. Iker; and the bio-engineer Dr. Togg. There is also the 90-Minute Man, who gains Hourman-like powers for 90 minutes from his radium armor. Hourman appears in stories with titles like "The Wax-Double Killers," "The Runaway Dinosaurs,” and "The Case of the Hi-Jacked Hep-Cats.”

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #48 (DC), Mar 1940. 58 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily.







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