Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. In Funny Animal Land, a world just beyond Planet Carrot, ordinary animals live in peace. However, when predatory animals threaten, the timid rabbit Hoppy utters the magic word "Shazam" and becomes the superpowered Marvel Bunny. His is helped by his rabbit girlfriend Millie. He has the same superpowers as Captain Marvel, and was initially inspired to say “Shazam!” by reading a copy of Captain Marvel Adventures. Hoppy appears in stories with titles like "Hoppy the Marvel Bunny and the Paper Dolls of Victory! " "The Keepers of the Winds," and "Hoppy Duels With Stinger Bee."

First Appearance: Fawcett’s Funny Animals #1 (Fawcett), Dec. 1942. 100+ appearances, 1942-1949+. Created by Chad Grothkopf and ?









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