Harrigan, Hop. Hop is the son of Colonel A. Harrigan and his wife Maria. Maria leaves the Colonel and takes their daughter Mariana (but not Hop) to Colombia. Soon afterwards the Colonel dies during a plane crash. This leaves Hop to be brought up by the cruel farmer Silas Crane. As soon as Hop is old enough--13 or 14--he teaches himself how to fly and then leaves Silas by way of the Colonel's old “Jenny” biplane. Hop then saves mechanic Ikky Tinker, the two become friends with Prop Wash, another pilot, and the trio form their own airplane construction company. Hop goes on to have airborne adventures and then fly for America during the War. For a short period before the war he is the costumed Guardian Angel. He has no superpowers, but is such a good pilot and fighter that he needs none. Harrigan’s opponents are ordinary criminals, Japanese, and German pilots; name villains like the Silhouette and Naja Hana the Black Cobra are rarities in Harrigan stories. He appears in stories with titles like “The Flying Serpent of Yucatan,” “The Lady Pirate,” and “Death Rays From the Sun.”

First Appearance: All-American Comics #1 (DC), Apr 1939. 100+ appearances, 1939-1948. Created by Jon L. Blummer.







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