Hooded Wasp. “Like a missile hurled by the hand of a war god, the Hooded Wasp smashes his way to the hiding place of a lost talisman of power, and with him goes an American boy, with unbelievable thrill-adventure in prospect.” Bob (no last name given) is a former explorer who excavates an Egyptian tomb in search of a magic scarab. Once obtained, Bob puts on a costume and fights evil around the world. His arch-enemy is Razil, chief of a secret society that wants the scarab for themselves. The Hooded Wasp has no super-powers, and is sidekicked by the Wasplet. He appears in stories with titles like “The Mysterious Men of the Mist,” “Realm of the Ghosts,” and “In the Amazon World.”

First Appearance: Shadow Comics #7 (Street and Smith), Nov 1940. 22 appearances, 1940-1943. Created by ? and Jack Binder. 



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