Hood. “From the secret files of Craig Williams, ace F.B.I. operator, the amazing story of The Hood is written, striking his terrible vengeance on those who would imperil America, is the greatest mission of this arch enemy of international crime!” Williams (later Major Tom Wood, later still Major Craig Reynolds) grows frustrated at those criminals who escape the law and operate outside the F.B.I.'s jurisdiction, and so puts on a costume and fights those criminals. He has no superpowers, although occasionally his enemies do, such as Harvey Stone, who sold his soul to the Devil and now has the Devil’s own luck. He appears in stories with titles like “The Cry of the Killer-Beasts,” “The Adventure with Lady Satan,” and “Voris the Fire-Master.”

First Appearance: Cat-Man Comics #5 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental), Dec 1941. 9 appearances, 1941-1945. Created by Al Ulmer and Ray Willner.




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