Harper, Hobo. “John Harper, young millionaire, suddenly repented over his lazy misspent youth and the way in which he squandered half his fortune. So he gave the balance of his money to a worthwhile charity now, as ‘Hobo’ Harper, John leads a band of other ‘gentlemen of the road,’ seeking adventure and righting any wrongs they may run across.” Assisted by young Billy Barton, Crisco (“one time Vaudeville actor”), and Baldy (“ex-carnival giant”), they fight gangsters, crooked carnival owners, and other such criminals, as well as a large amount of prejudice aimed at them because of their homeless status. In at least one story Crisco wishes that he was the Amazing Man.

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #24 (Centaur), Oct 1941. 3 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by ?



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