Hercules (III). Joe Hercules is born in "the North Woods" as the "strongest man in history." While he is working as a strong man in a circus in the Midwest a gang of criminals fake a foreclosure on his widowed mother's house. Joe's mom dies from a heart attack, and Joe swears revenge. He goes to New York and beats up the bad guys, ending up in jail for his trouble. While in the clink he is told about Doll Man and is inspired to break out of jail, put on a costume, and fight crime. He clears his name and then goes on to fight crime. Joe has super-strength and is capable of punching his way through stone walls. In one story he teams up with Uncle Sam, Neon the Unknown, Quicksilver, the Ray, and Black Condor. He appears in stories with titles like “The Texas Oil Field Mystery,” “The Power-Stealing Tower,” and “The Villains’ Revolt.”

First Appearance: Hit Comics #1 (Quality), July 1940. 24 appearances, 1940-1942. Created by Dan Zolnerowich and ?


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