Hercules (II). “Hercules, strongest man in all history, earned a place on Mt. Olympus by wiping out the evils of Ancient Greece. Now, Zeus has ordered him back to Earth to rid the modern  world of wars, gangsters, and racketeers.” Hercules, who has super-strength, super-speed and is bulletproof, fights criminals who are modeled on the subjects of his Labors: Leo Nymia (for the Lion of Nemea), the Nameless Nine (for the Hydra), Augie King (for the stable of King Augeais), the foreign (Germanic) Bundanians (for the Boar of Erymanthus), and women (for the Amazons).

First Appearance: Blue Ribbon Comics #4 (Archie), June 1940. 5 appearances, 1940. Created by Joe Blair and Ed Wexler.




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