Heap. Baron Eric von Emmelman is a German ace who is shot down during World War One. He lands in a swamp and merges with the "dreary vegetation" to become a vampiric humanoid. But he's a good guy, though, and ends up flying a fighter against the Germans and going to Japan and China to fight against the Japanese, and then making his way to America to fight crime here. His opponents range from Axis agents to ordinary criminals to werewolves, disembodied murderous hands, giant lizards, voodoo houngans, sea serpents, and the Black Boar of Mongolia. The Heap appears in stories with titles like “The Thing from Urania,” “The Thuggee Ape,” and “The Giant Black Crab of Brittany.”

First Appearance: Air Fighters Comics #3 (Hillman), Dec 1942. 80 appearances, 1942-1953. Created by Harry Stein and Mort Leav.





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