Hangman. College boy Bob Dickering is forced to watch, horrified, as his big brother John, a.k.a. the Comet, gets killed rescuing him. Bob, furious, vows that he will kill his brother's murderers and all the enemies of justice and mankind. He puts on a costume (“Criminals are all cowards at heart, so my first task will be to find a uniform that will take advantage of this!”) and becomes the Hangman, one of the killingest of the Golden Age's killer vigilantes. He has no superpowers but is good in a fight, knows how to use a noose, and uses a light to project the outline of a noose on to walls, just to shake up the bad guys. His girlfriend and sidekick is Thelma Gordon, formerly John's girlfriend. He fights ordinary criminals and Axis agents, name criminals like the Jackal, the Walrus, the Executioner, Mother Goose, and the Clockmaker of Death, a Tyrannosaurus Rex found in a remote section of Africa, and especially the Axis’ top agent, Captain Swastika. The Hangman appears in stories with titles like “The Gallows and the Ghoul,” “The Hangman vs. Captain Swastika,” and “Station D-E-A-T-H Broadcasting!”

First Appearance: Pep Comics #17 (Archie), July 1941. 75 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by George Storm and ?



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