Hale the Magician. Hale is a Spanish nobleman with the conquistadors in Peru in 1541. He is appalled by the brutality of his countrymen and throws his lot in with the native Maoni. His father dies fighting the Spanish and the Maoni leader, Chief Xingu, adopts Hale and makes him the tribe’s future leader. He passes various tests and is given "the secrets of the natural and supernatural science and magic!” Xingu also gives Hale a magic spearhead. But Hale is killed by a greedy Maoni. Centuries later, Hale is accidentally resurrected by an American scientist, and vows to battle "injustice in a land where freedom and liberty are valued above all else." Hale goes to the United States and becomes a superhero. He fights Grillo the Dictator and Kawar, the black magician ruler of a slave nation in Central Asia. The spearhead, which has all of Xingu’s powers, gives Hale virtually unlimited power to rearrange reality as he wishes.

First Appearance: Dynamic Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic), Oct 1941. 6 appearances, 1941-1945. Created by George Tuska and ?



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