Gunmaster. “Toni Gayle’s father, Gregory, is famous for his vast collection of firearms.” (This is either a retcon or all of his adventures take place before his death in Toni Gayle’s debut story). He is a hard-boiled detective of the Homicide Squad, and brings criminals in dead far more often than alive, thanks to his skill with guns, his use of his collection of them, and his knowledge of different types of guns (“Hmm. May have come from a 9mm Corto Cartridge. Fired, probably from a Beretta pistol”), their history, and ballistics in general. He appears in stories with titles like “The Sugar Bowl Murder,” “Big Game Hunting in the Heart of the Big City,” and “The Mystery of the Million-Dollar Carbine!”

First Appearance: Guns Against Gangsters #1 (Novelty Press), 1948. 9 appearances, 1948-1949. Created by L.B. Cole.









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