Gun Master. Centuries ago, in “the silent regions of forbidding Tibet,” gunpowder is discovered, and it and the first gun are stolen from the gun master, Kattak Po, and used to commit crime. Po tells his descendants to destroy guns before they destroy mankind. That is impossible, of course, but they try. In the modern day, “the last able-bodied descendant of Kattak Po...Dumas Poe,” carries on the fight as the modern Gun Master. In practice this means using his almost supernatural skill with firearms to fight crime and to destroy gun shops and the sources of guns. Poe is advised by the Council of Elders, the older descendants of Kattak Po. Poe’s Loving Enemy is the femme fatale thief Velvet. Gun Master appears in stories with titles like “The Dummies Died Screaming,” “The Short, Dangerous Life of Packy Smith,” and “The Gat Frat.”

First Appearance: Clue Comics #10 (Hillman), Oct 1946. 18 appearances, 1946-1947. Created by ?








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