Guardian. Jim Harper is a product of New York's Suicide Slum, one of the worst parts of the city. As an adult policeman he returns to it and vows to make the slum a better place. He gets beaten up by local hoods and realizes that he can't fight them under the law. So he breaks into a costume shop, puts together a disguise (paying for it, of course), and goes and beats up the hoods, going on to fight other criminals. He is assisted by the Newsboy Legion. He has no superpowers but is good in a fight and carries a bulletproof shield. He fights ordinary criminals, agents of the Axis, the fire- and flood-making looter Vince McClain, and the android Robot Robber.

First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #7 (DC), Apr 1942. 26 appearances, 1942-1944. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.









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