Grim Reaper. “To the tortured, suffering masses of Europe, bowed beneath the cruel yoke of tyranny, the name of one weird figure has come to mean hope...release...freedom! To the bestial Nazi conquerors, it has come to mean terrifying fear...and frightful, sudden death! What is this name? You know it! Everyone knows it! Through the ages it has borne solemn significance! Today, more than ever, the hidden recesses of the old continent are ringing with the might magic name of – the Grim Reaper!” Bill Norris fights the Germans, and helps the German underground, in occupied Europe as the killer vigilante the Grim Reaper, murdering generals and hijacking their armored super-zeppelins. After the war he takes on costumed villains like the Robed Phantom. The Grim Reaper has no superpowers but has and uses twin .45s and a noose, with whose use he is skillful. He appeared in stories with titles like "Underground Mission to Greece," "Dead Man's Mission," and "The Escape of Prisoner X."

First Appearance: The Fighting Yank #7 (Standard), Feb. 1944. 19 appearances, 1944-1948. Created by Al Camy and ?







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