Grey Comet. “Meet the Grey Comet – a daring danger-seeking member of the Army Air Force! His plane may not carry any guns, but the Nazis fear it as much as they do the bombers!” A popular pilot with the enlisted men and mechanics, the Grey Comet (a.k.a. Colonel Doe) is the son of a “big wig back in the States” who does a lot of reconnaissance work for the Army Air Force bombers. In a typical war-time adventure he flies alone deep into German territory to locate the base from which drone rockets are being launched. When the war ends, he becomes a newsreel cameraman, shooting locations and solving crimes. He has no powers, but flies a specially souped-up plane which has had all of its guns replaced with cameras.

First Appearance: Camera Comics v1n1 (U.S. Camera), Oct 1944. 9 appearances, 1944-1946. Created by Bill Allison and ?










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