Green Mask (I). Initially "Michael Selby," an independently wealthy private eye, he later becomes Michael Shelby, who is experimented upon as a way to save his life after his father is gunned down by criminals: “Michael Shelby has been given terrific powers by an accident to a vita-ray machine in which he was placed by a scientist. He discovered that the super-charged shocks have made him a miracle man. He can zoom through space and perform superhuman feats. He has adopted a distinctive costume and as the Green Mask he wars on crime and rackets!” He is assisted by Domino. The Green Mask has the abilities of flight, super-strength, invulnerability, and plot-device powers as needed. He also has and uses guns. The Green Mask (I) is also helped by "News" Blake, "ace reporter of the Daily Globe, who has in the past been given exclusive scoops for his newspaper." The Green Mask (I) fights Yellow Peril Tong lords, hooded master criminals, counterfeiters, crime syndicates, mummies, and hunchbacked Mad Scientists. The Green Mask (I) appears in stories with titles like “Nicoli, Scientist of Crime,” “The Professor’s Blackmail Band,” and “The Butcher’s Maniacal Murders.”

First Appearance: Mystery Men Comics #1 (Fox), Aug 1939. 73 appearances, 1939-1945. Created by Walter Frehm and ?







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