Green Lama. Jethro Dumont, a very wealthy college student, is interested in Buddhism and travels to Tibet to learn more about it. He studies it for several years, eventually becoming an ordained priest. At this exalted level he gains powers when he chants the "Jewel Lotus mantra," om mani padme om. So he decides to return to the US and do something good with his powers: fighting crime. He sets up in a manse on Park Avenue and is assisted by his Tibetan valet, Tsarong. He has invulnerability and can fly. He fights Yellow Peril racketeers, the Nazi femme fatale Baroness von Elsa, the ghostly Pharod, snake cultists, the Nazi agent Harlequin, and especially the occultist Professor Voodoo, "two legged beast of prey" who surpasses "in cunning and cruelty all the forces of evil,” The Green Lama appears in stories with titles like “The Red Crystals of the Walking Death,” “The Return of Stopwach” [sic], and “The Green Lama Bombs Tokyo!”

First Appearance: Prize Comics # 7 (Prize), Dec 1940. 43 appearances, 1940-1946. Created by Ken Crossen and Mac Raboy. Note: This is comic book version of Ken Crossen’s pulp character.



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