Green Hornet. “Britt Reid, playboy, is made publisher of the powerful newspaper The Daily Sentinel by his father who has retired in the hope that this new responsibility will have a beneficial effect on Britt. After having lived a youthful no-account existence, Britt takes his work as publisher seriously and develops a keen interest in rackets that exist only because of the  helplessness of law due to legal technicalities. He devotes his life and determination to hunt down these public enemies who can’t be reached through the courts. Working at night, in disguise, he becomes known as The Green Hornet. None but Kato, his trusted valet, knows Britt’s secret.” Reid has no superpowers, but is good in a fight, drives a fast roadster called the Black Beauty, and has a sleep-gas gun. He begins with ordinary human opponents–gangsters, racketeers, Germans, and Yellow Peril hatchetmen–but eventually develops a Rogues Gallery of the criminal Clown, the Metallic Monster, the strongman Hercules, the subterranean Mole, and the Kingpin of Crime. The Green Hornet appears in stories with titles like “Racketeers Go To The Dogs,” “Graft Beyond the Grave,” and “Tong War.”

First Appearance: Green Hornet Comics #1 (Termerson/Helnit/Continental), Dec 1940. 100+ appearances, 1940-1953. Created by Fran Striker and ?







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