Golden Arrow. In the 19th century Professor Paul Parsons develops a gas that would revolutionize air travel. He is testing the gas in a cross-country balloon trip with his wife and child when the balloon is shot down by Brand Braddock, who wants the formula for himself. Paul’s son, Roger, is the only survivor. Roger is carried off by a mountain lion before Braddock can arrive. Roger is then saved from the mountain lion by prospector Nugget Ned. Ned overhears Braddock talking about what happened and vows to keep Roger’s identity a secret. Ned raises Roger, who grows up in the wilds, developing wonderful strength, reflexes, and eyesight. He becomes uncanny with a bow and arrow, making the tips of the arrows out of the gold which Ned finds. When Roger becomes a man Ned has a heart attack and dies, although not before telling Roger who his real father was. Roger, on his mighty horse White Wind, avenges his father’s death and then goes on to fight crime on the frontier as the Golden Arrow. The Arrow has no superpowers but is almost superhumanly good with his bow and arrow. On occasion he appears  with Captain Marvel and the other Fawcett heroes. He fights angry natives, evil cowboys and outlaws, talking totem poles, the female shootist the Gun Ghost, the killer Desolation, and Butu, the Ancient Bow-Man. Golden Arrow appears in stories with titles like “The Talking Bear,” "The Murderous Medicine Man," and "Two-Gun Totin' Mama."

First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (Fawcett), Feb 1940. 100+ adventures, 1940-1963. Created by Bill Parker and Pete Costanza.




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