Forbes, Glory. “Glory Forbes, daughter of America’s foremost bomber designer,” lives in San Francisco. After being kidnaped by the Scarlet Crab, a Yellow Peril, Forbes is injected by a scientist with a serum which puts her under his control. He orders Forbes to kill her father. The plan fails, and after she recovers she decides to become a vigilante against the Japanese. In this she is assisted by her boyfriend, hard-boiled police detective Randy, and newspaper boy Bud. They joust with the Scarlet Crab several times but also take on other fifth columnists, saboteurs, and ordinary criminals. After the war Forbes becomes a private detective, going after more mundane criminals. Glory Forbes appears in stories with titles like "The Weird Adventure of the Shanghai Skipper," "The Affair of the Counterfeit Crooner," and "Zarro the Great."

First Appearance: Rangers of Freedom Comics #5 (June 1942). 44 appearances, 1942-1949. Created by Pagsilang Rey Isip and ?










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