Girl Commandos. The sidekicks to Pat Parker, this quartet of American (Ellen Billings), English (Penelope Kirk), Chinese (Mei-Ling), and Russian (Tanya) girls acted as distaff versions of the Boy Commandos, fighting against the Germans, the Japanese, cannibals, matadors, and the aged Axis master spy, Madame Intrigue. In Speed Comics #23 they are part of a one-time super-team: Shock Gibson, Ted Parrish, Pat Parker, Girl Commandos, Captain Freedom, Dick Lane, and the Black Cat. The Girl Commandos appear in stories with titles like “The Devil’s Sister,” “Murder and the Masquerade of Mei-Ling,” and “The Battle for Burma.”

First Appearance: Speed Comics #23 (Harvey), Oct 1942. 21 appearances, 1942-1945. Created by Jill Elgin and ?


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