Ghost Patrol. Fred, Pedro and Slim are members of the French Foreign Legion are ordered to bomb innocent villagers. Instead, they drop their bombs in the desert. But their plane has been sabotaged, and it explodes, killing them. Rather than going on to their final reward, they are stuck on Earth as ghosts, and decide to use their new status to fight the Germans and after the war ordinary criminals. As ghosts they can fly, walk through walls, and act invisibly. They can also materialize, but are vulnerable in that form. Among the enemies they fight are the Ferret, a Nazi colonel who commands a trained ferret and a tribe of barbarians in the Amazon jungle. The Ghost Patrol appears in stories with titles like "Occupied China," "The Haunted Tank," and "The Volcano People."

First Appearance: Flash Comics #29 (DC), May 1942. 80 appearances, 1942-1949. Created by Ted Udall, Emmanuel Demby, and Frank Harry.








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