Ghost (I). George Chance’s father helped a group of yogis in India. As he lay dying, one of the yogis promised that they would raise the infant George as one of them. (George’s mother is nowhere to be seen). He grows up learning the “greatest magic of the ages,” so that he can freeze leaping dogs in mid-air with invisible walls of force, conjure food from nowhere, cause submarines to be dragged under by giant waves, and so on. As an adult, he ventures into the outside world, “to the land of my fathers,” to Do Good. His arch-enemy is the evil (though not mad) scientist Dr. Fenton, who sends his kidnap victims (including America’s greatest leaders) back to the Stone Age, and brings back monsters, villains, and women from the past. Chance also fights the super-hypnotist Dr. Volkan and Martians in a recap of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom novels.

First Appearance: Thrilling Comics #3 (Standard), Apr 1940. 51 appearances, 1940-1946. Created by Richard Hughes and August Froehlich. Note: the Ghost (I) is loosely based on G.T. Roberts’ pulp character of the same name.










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