Jones, Genius. Johnny "Genius" Jones, a young boy, is stranded on a desert island, just him and 734 books. He's there for a few years, and reads all of the books, taking every bit of information from them. Then he burns the books to attract the attention of a passing ship. Once back in civilization he sets himself up as the Answer Man, a costumed hero who answered questions and solved crimes and problems for a fee. He has no superpowers but has a very advanced laboratory and is very intelligent and learned. He appears in stories with titles like “The Enigma of the Nonagenarian Natator,” “The Battle of the Mental Marvels,” and “The Gravity of Mr. Smith.”

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #77 (DC), Aug 1942. 66 appearances, 1942-1947. Created by Alfred Bester and Stan Kaye.


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