Gay Ghost. Keith Everet, the Earl of Strethmere in Ireland in the year 1700, is riding to Ulster to visit his love, Deborah Wallace, when he is shot and killed. His spirit is met by his ancestors, who send him back to earth to “avenge the evil that men do.” But he can’t return to Earth until Deborah dies for good—and she keeps being reincarnated. Finally, in 1941, Charles Collins, the boyfriend of Deborah Wallace’s direct descendant, is killed, and Keith, not able to wait any more, enters Charles’ body and reanimates it. He goes on to fight evil and spies, including the Nazi Mad Scientist Dr. Vozak, the one-armed, torch-handed Flaming Hand, the heat-ray-wielding Japanese spy Togio, and the immortal Mexican El Espada. The Gay Ghost can fly, has super-strength, can become immaterial, and has other plot-device powers. The Gay Ghost appears in stories with titles like "The Flaming Hand," "The Air Serpent," and "The Nazis' Magnetic Menace."

First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1 (DC), Jan 1942. 34 appearances, 1942-1945. Created by Gardner Fox and Howard Purcell.






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