Gay Desperado. "Feared by the underworld, hunted by the police, this lash-fisted fugitive has two strikes against him but plenty on the ball...when the game calls for bullets and the umpire's name is death!" Jim Collins is wanted by the police for a stick-up and murder he didn’t commit. Worse, the police know he is the Gay Desperado. That doesn’t stop Collins and his sidekick Patsy from catching bank robbers and evil cowboys (after he relocates to the Western badlands) and leaving them for the police. Collins and Patsy have no superpowers. The Gay Desperado appears in stories with titles like "The Hoard of Midas Moran," "Graveyard Gulch," and "Haunted Land."

First Appearance: Punch Comics #13 (Chesler/Dynamic), Apr 1945. 12 appearances, 1945-1947. Created by Paul Gattuso and ?








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