Allen, Gale. In the year 1990 Gale Allen is a member of the Woman’s Space Battalion and a fighter for good in the far reaches of space. She is helped by her sweetheart Captain Jack North. They occasionally work in "in the fortified city of Buffalo." Allen is armed with blaster and spaceship. She rescues imprisoned members of the Universal Space Patrol, she foils the plans of her arch-enemy, the "notorious interplanetary buccaneer" Prince Blaga Daru, she fights the Mad Master of Venus, she fights various space monsters, and she fights the Fire-Eaters of Asteroid Z, among others. She appears in stories with titles like “Moon Thirst,” “Fire-Priests of Orbit X,” and “Slaver’s Planetoid.”

First Appearance: Planet Comics #4 (Fiction House), Apr 1940. 43 appearances, 1940-1953. Created by R.A. Burley and ?










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