Funnyman. “Here he is, folks–Funnyman! A two-fisted howlarious scrapper, he’ll thrill you with his daring athletic prowess and convulse you with chucklesome antics! Yessiree, he dazzles the law to a frazzle, whilst making buffoons out of hardened criminals.” At the urging of his manager tv comedian Larry Davis puts on a clown costume and capture a phoney crook as a publicity stunt. He ends up capturing a real crook and decides to make crime-fighting his second job. His opponents range from ordinary humans, to a criminal robot to Doc Gimmick, a gadget-using thief, to the crime team of Schemer Beamer, Bug-Eyes, Crusher, Rockjaw, and the Curve. Funnyman appears in stories with titles like “The Teen-Age Terrors,” “The Truant Toy,” and “The Kute Knockout.”

First Appearance: Funnyman #1 (Magazine Enterprises), Jan 1948. 24 appearances, 1948. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.








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