Flint Man. Jack Bradley is a construction worker helping to excavate a mountainside to create the profile of Abraham Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore when he is caught in an explosion (caused by angry South Seas Islanders) and then an avalanche. He is covered with a dust which makes him turn into flint whenever he grows angry. He fights ordinary humans, Japanese agents, gargoyle monsters, and the mysterious Lava Man, who is commanding South Sea Islanders to fight white men and the Flint Man. The Flint Man has super-strength and invulnerability whenever he becomes angry or whenever he is struck. He appears in stories with titles like “The Rescue of Mary Mannix” and “At the Atlas Shipyard.”

First Appearance: Famous Funnies #89 (Eastern Color), Dec 1941. 21+ appearances, 1941-1943? Created by Stephen A. Douglas and Harry G. Peter.








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