Baker, Flint. Fletcher “Flint” Baker is a pioneer and explorer of space in the not-too-distant future, although in his first appearance it is clearly the modern day. "When Fletcher Baker's scientist father died, Fletcher was left with the task of completing his rocket ship to be sent to Mars." Baker and his reporter (girl)friend Mimi Wilson leave the solar system in Flint's spaceship and explore space, meeting aliens along the way. Baker is not only a venturesome "space scout" but a skilled "space soldier." Baker is helped by Harry Parks, Phil Godwin, and Cliff Grant, three ex-cons who deep down are pretty good salts. They encounter space octopi, the Dinosaur Men of Mercury, the Slave Planet, the Cyclops-Men of Mars, the Golden Amazons of Venus, the Two-Faced Monsters of Planetoid Zero, the Winged Man-Eaters of the Exile Star, the Lizard-Lions of Azitroth, and many other space opera-type foes. Baker appears in stories with titles like “The One-Eyed Monster of Mars,” “Inferno on the Fifth Moon,” and “The Changelings.” 

First Appearance: Planet Comics #1 (Fiction House), Jan 1940. 58 appearances, 1940-1953. Created by Dick Briefer and ?



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