Flag-Man. “Whenever liberty is crushed and people are smothered beneath the rule of the iron hand of oppression, there is always one who rises to the defense of the weak and helpless—such a one—dedicating his life to the destruction of these demons of death—is Captain Hornet, the sensational Flag-man!” Captain Hornet is the special investigator for the President, who is aware of Hornet’s alternate identity. Flag-Man is assisted by Rusty (I). The criminals they take on range from Nazi gorillas to skyscraper-sized robots piloted by German soldiers. Flag-Man and Rusty appear in stories with titles like “The Singing Monster,” “The Wasp and the Sting of Death,” and “North of Nome.”

First Appearance: Captain Aero Comics #1 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental), Dec 1941. 17 appearances, 1941-1944. Created by Allen Ulmer and Ray Willner.









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