Fire-Man. Jim, whose last name is never given, is a fire-fighter at a C.C.C. camp in northern Utah. He runs into a forest fire after a woman and is caught and overwhelmed by the woman’s uncle, a Mad Scientist, who subjects Jim to an experiment. Jim's body is now a solid gas: "you're the results of instant heat! You're now composed of carbon monoxide and other gasses." However, thanks to the scientist’s special suit, Jim can walk and lift things. He has plans for Jim, but Jim foils them, destroys the laboratory, and kills the scientist. Jim then uses his gaseous abilities to fight fires and crime as Fire-Man. His usual opponents are human criminals, but in his last appearance he fights a Human Torch-like opponent.

First Appearance: Liberty Scouts #2 (Centaur), June 1941. 5 appearances, 1941-1942. Created by Charles Verral and Martin Filchock.









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